Elite DFW Embraces Being the Change They Want to See

Abraham H., Elite DFW's President, highlighted the firm's philanthropic efforts in 2018. He also discussed the competitive advantages businesses and their leaders receive from giving back to their communities.

Values play an important role at Elite DFW, influencing the culture and operational decisions. Philanthropy is one of these foundational principles, according to Abraham, because he takes seriously the idea of being the good that he wants to see in the world.

From a business standpoint, philanthropy makes sense as well, Abraham shared. No business runs in a vacuum; the community or area in which it operates provides a context that could help or hinder growth. Expanding Elite DFW is one of his major goals, and Abraham sees supporting nonprofits and charities in the area as a way of increasing the odds of success for his company and his team.  

While there are many giveback plans in the works for the new year, Abraham wanted to note some of the most exciting causes that were supported by Elite DFW in 2018. Around the holiday season, for example, the team participated in a toy drive to benefit children in the community. Another memorable event was helping out at the Dallas Life Homeless Shelter.

Specific Advantages Enjoyed by Elite DFW Through Philanthropy

Some of the most important benefits of being involved in the Dallas community are the connections that Elite DFW team members make with like-minded professionals. Whenever the firm gets involved with a giveback event, they meet other caring men and women working to make the region better. These are exactly the kinds of people Abraham wants his team to network with, he said.

Doing good works is also a way to build the Elite DFW brand, Abraham stated. Having the company name attached to goodwill efforts raises the trust factor from both consumers and the businesses the firm represents. What’s more, when savvy professionals are considering careers (or a career change), being known as a firm that gives back is a very attractive factor.

In the end though, Abraham asserts that the best reason to get involved in philanthropy is because it’s the right thing to do. He sees his success, and the success of Elite DFW, as a way to make a positive impact on Dallas – and beyond. This year will find him and his team becoming even more involved with nonprofits and charities that drive social good worldwide.

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